Who’s Extreme


Even though the media likes to portray Republicans as the party of extremes, the American people somehow cut through the flack and see the truth.

Nearly half of Americans now believe the Democratic Party is too liberal, while some see the Republican Party as slightly more moderate than it was just two years ago. Gallup‘s new survey shows that perceptions of Democrats are now approaching what they looked like just after the 1994 midterm cycle.

My expectation is that the Obama/Pelosi legacy will be permanently damaging to the bad guys as the country realizes that voting for Democrats is no different than voting for Leonid Breshnev.

“Currently, by 49% to 40%, more Americans perceive the Democratic Party as too liberal than say the Republican Party is too conservative, giving the Republicans an advantage in an important election year,” Gallup’s Jeffrey M. Jones writes.

In the past, liberals have played themselves off as credible, mainstream people who are simply on the other side of the isle. Traditional Democratic voters are realizing that in reality, Democrats are off the deep end.

Two years ago, during an election year that Democrats increased their congressional majorities and won the White House, 50% said the views of the Democratic Party were “about right,” and 39% said they were too liberal. Now, just 38% say they’re about right and 49% say they’re too liberal.

See the turnaround in just two years? Voters are learning that they acted stupidly when they chose Obama.

That’s just 1 point below the party’s all-time high of 50% in a survey conducted after the Republicans had retaken control of Congress in 1994. The increase in liberal views of the Democrats has largely come from independents and Republicans, with 12% more independents and 8% more Republicans viewing the party as more liberal.

Independents decide elections, as they’re the ones whose votes are in play.

One Response to “Who’s Extreme”

  1. 1 Ilene

    I’m an independent and have been for over20 years and have always voted for the person.

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