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Mika admits she’s got her talking points, and they came from the White House. MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Do you want to know why I have a file that I’ve been working on with the White House—and I’ll be very transparent about that? Because of your friend Rudy Giuliani who came here last week spewing out a […]

Fairly Illegal


The United States government will fight for your right to be here illegally. Democrats do nothing for the sake of America. Their only motive is power.

Race Down Steps


Remember the allegations of racist attacks on members of congress made by Democrats after the big “health care is civil rights” media manipulation in March? Andrew Breitbart is still looking for evidence to support accusations that, while coming down the steps of the Capitol, civil rights era icon John Lewis was called “Nigger.” Here are […]

Bork Her Back


Elena Kagan thought the divisive supreme court hearings on the nomination of Judge Bork were just ducky. Would that the GOP was prepared to Bork her back. Ever since his nomination collapsed in an angry ideological confrontation, conservatives and liberals have mobilized forces with regularity to advance or tear down would-be justices. “Anything you seeing […]

Ann Coulter wonders why there’s so much commotion amongst Democrats over the sex crimes of the party’s South Carolina senate nominee. Before Alvin Greene, after all, there was Bill Clinton. In the grand tradition of legendary Democrats such as Teddy Kennedy, Greene has a felony arrest. (Greene’s inexperience really shows here: Democrats usually wait until […]