Tired of Being Alone


Ann Coulter wonders why there’s so much commotion amongst Democrats over the sex crimes of the party’s South Carolina senate nominee. Before Alvin Greene, after all, there was Bill Clinton.

In the grand tradition of legendary Democrats such as Teddy Kennedy, Greene has a felony arrest. (Greene’s inexperience really shows here: Democrats usually wait until after they’re elected to show pornography to college girls.)

They’re hopping mad, these liberals, but it’s not clear what their theory of the crime is. Before accusing Republicans of committing a dirty trick, apparently no one asked the question: “OK, but what was the trick?”

The key to Greene’s victory, you see, is that he got more votes. How do liberals imagine Republicans pulled that off? Mesmerize the Democrats into voting for an idiot? If Republicans could do that, John McCain would be president.

Before Alvin ran for the U.S. senate, he had no friends, and no one from the national media called looking for interviews. Now, he’s not so tired of being alone anymore.

One Response to “Tired of Being Alone”

  1. 1 Ilene

    I say and judging by his answers to questions lately, he is rehearsed and a puppet of a union or moonbat organization. I don’t think the Republicans could pull something like this off, and besides, why would they bother. There is some delay problem with this guy when asked a question.

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