Juiced Campaign


WWE honcho Linda McMahon is introducing herself to Connecticut voters with a new ad that puts the “soap opera” of wrestling front and center.

The ad marks McMahon’s most direct mention of her tenure at WWE, which she co-founded with her husband, Vince, and in which she played an integral role for three decades until stepping down last year. Her previous commercials made only passing references to her career, and her early ads touted her as a businesswoman but mentioned no details about what that “business” was.

By dealing with the issue head on, her campaign apparently hopes it can protect against the opposition using wrestling against her.

McMahon has been facing increasing scrutiny about her time at WWE — primarily related to controversies surrounding the company’s drug-testing policy. She is also facing a lawsuit, filed this week, from the widow of a former wrestler who died in a 1999 stunt.

Odd that McMahon would be on the defensive regarding her career as she runs against Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who likes to talk about how tough it was fighting in the Vietnam war – even though he never did.

McMahon’s latest ad is a recognition from her campaign that it must try to tell the story of her WWE life in as positive a light as possible rather than watch the various allegations drag down her campaign against state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (D).

In the last poll, taken two weeks ago, Blumenthal still had a lead of over 20 points, but the internal polls of both campaigns show things much closer.

The McMahon poll, conducted last week (first week of June), shows her just 13 points back and Blumenthal’s negatives higher than McMahon’s. The Blumenthal campaign used this same trick last month releasing one of their own internal polls conducted after the controversy over his statements on his Vietnam War era military service.

Blumenthal’s poll, conducted after that story broke, showed him ahead by 15 points.

McMahon has tons of money to spend, so polls right now don’t mean all that much.

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