Palin Prognosis


Is Sarah Palin the most important Republican in the nation? Chris Matthews asked the panel on his syndicated weekend show to opine, and everyone seemed to think she is.

DAN RATHER: She is playing an almost perfect hand. If she wants to stay a power in the Party, make a lot of money and not run, she can do that. I wouldn’t underestimate her even for 2012 for one second. If she decides to run, it would be hard to bet against her for the nomination.

Sarah’s done quite well since she stepped down as governor last July 4, says Matthews.

Well, a year since then Palin’s made well over $12 million. Her first book “Going Rogue” was the year’s number one best-seller, made her $7 million in the advance. She gets $100,000 a speech, and Fox signed her to a TV deal.


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