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Why Rush?


What’s the hurry? The United States is accepting help from 12 countries and international organizations in dealing with the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The State Department said in a statement Tuesday that the U.S. is working out the particulars of the help that’s been accepted. The identities of all 12 countries […]

Calling the Constitution a “living, breathing document,” is liberal code for ‘we get to decide what it means today’ without regard for what was originally intended. “In [some] cases, the original intent is unlikely to solve the question, and that might be … because we live in a world that’s very different from the world […]

Race Lies


America’s post-racial era, commenced in November of 2008 with the election of Barack Obama, has been highlighted by a dramatic increase in liberal name calling of their political opponents. Never before have they so readily called people racists, haters, and bigots. Which makes their disregard for the racist past of their own Robert Byrd all […]

Custard Pain


What does being called a pain in the ass by the Vice President get you?  The national talk show circuit. Manager Scott Borkin said he has been doing public relations for Kopps Custard for more than 30 years, but his latest appearance on camera has proven to be the most memorable. Borkin said it’s been […]

Oh, Canada


Protesters who sit down on the street in front of Toronto riot police seem to have miscalculated.

Stop Spending


Barack Obama, struggling to communicate any emotional connection to lives devastated by the Gulf Oil Crisis, could take some lessons from Rick Santelli of CNBC. It’s the same advice he’s ignoring from the American people.