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No Economist


I’m no economist, but it’s become clear over the past couple of months that the recovery is over… or, at least, stalled. Fears that the economic recovery is fizzling grew Thursday after the government and private sector issued weak reports on a number of fronts. Whatever the technical terminology may be for the economic condition […]

Jim Bender is one of four Republican candidates to succeed Judd Gregg in the senate from New Hampshire. Bender is one of two businessmen in the race, along with Bill Binnie. The frontrunner for the Republican nomination is Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, who is under attack already by the Democrat, leftist Congressman Paul Hodes. Ovide […]

Does it pay to be a politician who is in line with the mainstream? It’s paying off nicely for some, like Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who is doing great in her reelection bid. Brewer, the runaway leader in her own party’s primary contest, is now leading Goddard, the unchallenged Democratic candidate for governor, by 18 […]

Will oil be the president’s legacy… a legacy of failure?

Has the White House brought Brownie in as a disaster response consultant? The continued failure to lead is inexplicable.

Maybe the president is trying out themes for his reelection bid. How about this – “Hey, it coulda been worse!” That was President Obama’s pitch to Wisconsin citizens yesterday who might think the jobs situation isn’t anything for the Democrats to be bragging about. While the prez was campaigning in Wisconsin, Leftist Senator Russ Feingold […]

30 Second Cure


Now that the White House has the Gulf situation fully under control, let’s check in with Billy Nungesser and see how much easier life is as his Louisiana Parish fights the flow. Biden used his short visit to appear on camera with other politicians and eat seafood. Amazingly, Biden refused to meet with Plaquemines Parish […]