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Fein Job


Ken Feinberg has been given the job of dolling out payments to those impacted by the Gulf Oil spill from the $20 billion account being set up by BP. For some reason, Feinberg understands the challenges better than the president does. FEINBERG: I’ve taken on this job. I’ve been down in the gulf numerous times. […]

In Iowa, one woman was killed and 24 were injured when horses, pulling a cart in the July 4th parade, ran wild. The horses got spooked after they rubbed heads and one’s bridle fell off, police said. They ran about six blocks, moving up onto sidewalks and back into the road, plowing through children lined […]

Dark Side


Our government has been taken over by community activists, those who have spent their careers trying to take resources away from those who have them to give to those who don’t. Having put Obama in charge of the country is like giving the keys to the Ferrari to your 15 year old. In a far-reaching […]