Good Racism


Which is more important to your life – the New Black Panther racist talking about the need to kill white babies to get freedom, or the race laced rants of Mel Gibson?

Glenn Beck examines.

The good racism (in the eyes of the media) is the the circumstantial racism – that is, a celebrity who uses ugly words… a markedly smaller offense than the advocacy of racially motivated genocide.

The Mel Gibson rant feeds into the liberal storyline on race – “see, White people are haters – we’ve still got a long way to go,” whereas the Panther rant contains Black racism, which contradicts their storyline of Black = victim, White = oppressor.

3 Responses to “Good Racism”

  1. 1 mrDarcy

    Silly Rabbit, racisim is for white people – only.

  2. This independent member of “We the People” is aghast at the assertion by the NAACP that the Tea Party movement is racist.

    The NAACP assault is obviously politically driven. This AMERICAN who both supports and participates in/with the Tea Party has never seen or heard ANY racial language or conversations. The Tea Party is working for policy that promotes smaller government and more transparency.

    OBAMA’s Alinsky training and experience as a community organizer will not work at the national level….it is appalling that the NAACP has been blindly sucked into the OBAMA Chicago style politics of attack, attack and then deny, deny and never be accountable.

    This American will, for sure, REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER

  3. 3 Ilene

    The people who bring up racism are the liberals, and the liberals are the racists.

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