Lucky 7


Why do the American people want congress to change hands to Republican control?

It might have something to do with the fact that 55% of voters consider the president to be a socialist. And press secretary Robert Gibbs is right – it has tons to do with the economy, and the perception that Obama’s socialist policies are hurting the recovery.

A year and a half into his presidency, 51 percent in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll would rather have the Republicans run Congress “to act as a check on Obama’s policies,” vs. 43 percent who want the Democrats in charge to help support those policies.

What’s the good news for the president?

The same poll shows approval of Obama’s job on the economy has dropped 7 points in only one month, from 50% to 43%, his lowest level yet.

Meanwhile, 54% disapprove, a new high.

Well, okay, that’s not exactly good news. But given conditions, it does seem remarkable that 43% of voters are still viewing the president favorably. It’s amazing how long it takes for reality to percolate down to average folks who are busy trying to survive the post-racial economy.

A similar Rasmussen Reports poll found almost identical dissatisfaction numbers: 50% rating Obama’s economic performance as poor, only 28% seeing improvement and 48% actually believing the economy is worsening.

People are catching on, though. And, as the economy settles into a summer of malaise that may extend for months, or even years, November figures to be a dramatic month for Democrats.

When White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told “Meet the Press” host David Gregory on Sunday that “there is no doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause Republicans to gain control”, he was, to many people, stating the obvious.

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