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Sometimes, there’s so much compassion and empathy oozing out of liberals, you have to wonder where they store it all. Liberal talker Ed Schultz, well – he wants to win. So he’s giving his team a little half-time Gipper speech, calling Harry Reid ‘Ball-less’ and saying, in the spirit of bipartisanship that the Dems represent, […]

Over, Maybe


The oil has stopped flowing into the Gulf as BP has begun integrity tests on the new cap. It will take up to a couple of days, they say, to know if the fix will hold. BP PLC said Thursday it began a crucial test in the Gulf of Mexico to determine if a new […]

Clinton Message


Is James Carville only upset about the destruction of his beloved Gulf Coast… “The people here have been so let down, the levees, the Federal government let us down, the MMS colossally let everybody down, now the government after they let us down with MMS failed to regulate these clowns. Now they come in and […]

Nasty Machine


Illinois Democrats are trying to stop the Black candidate. Chicago – On Wednesday, one of Governor Quinn’s routine bill signing ceremonies turned into a debate over ballot access and the Tea Party in Illinois. A supporter of Republican and Tea Party activist Cedra Crenshaw jumped up and demanded to know why Democrats supporting incumbent State […]

The New Black Panther Party is protected by the Obama administration’s justice department. Here, they advocate killing police. Listen to Malik Zulu Shabaaz and King Shamir Shabazz talk about arming for battle with the Tea Party and “cracker” police. “I told you last night the Tea Party is arming. The white men already been armed. […]

November Fall


Karl Rove breaks down the November elections with Sean Hannity.