Clinton Message


Is James Carville only upset about the destruction of his beloved Gulf Coast…

“The people here have been so let down, the levees, the Federal government let us down, the MMS colossally let everybody down, now the government after they let us down with MMS failed to regulate these clowns. Now they come in and say just blanket stop everything out there…

Or is he also doing the Clinton’s business?

The people at the Interior Department that issued these things don’t have the foggiest idea about life here, don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s going on… They have got to do something about this because the Federal government is about to kill us…”

At the Back to Basics blog, Doug Powers has an interesting question:

My question is this: Why won’t Obama put Carville in charge of operations in the Gulf? And I mean of everything, from deciding if the situation warrants a drilling moratorium on down. He’s a local resident, so he’d be locally accountable as opposed to people who are pulling the strings from a cell phone at a golf course in Maryland, and he understands what makes the Gulf economy tick.

This presumes that the administration actually wants to see the problem solved.

On WRKO yesterday morning, my co-host, Tom Finneran, and I were debating what the cause of this leadership failure is, with Tom arguing gross incompetence from the inexperienced president, and me going a bit more radical and suggesting that the White House wants crisis in order to jam through “Hope & Change” that Americans don’t want while we’re distracted.

It takes some work for me to be that cynical, but the White House is doing their best to help me along.

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