Quality Killers


Corrupt Democrats continue their effort to make education worse. It sounds like an outrageous accusation, but it is, in fact, business as usual for the party that puts union demands in front of the needs of the children.

The state’s commissioner of elementary and secondary education will recommend that Massachusetts replace its highly regarded academic standards for English and math with a uniform set of national standards that could ultimately lead to replacing the MCAS exams in those subjects.

Why would the Governor, and thus his ed man, want to give up state control and our “highly regarded academic standards? Because the teachers unions hate standards. Consider what the commissioner has to say to justify the decision.

In a memorandum to board members today, Commissioner Mitchell Chester said independent panels he appointed had compared the proposed “Common Core Standards” against the state’s existing standards. Those analyses essentially revealed that the national standards in most cases were just as good as the state standards, he said.

He wants to dismantle the best educational system in the country because it would only make education worse in some cases. There go the compassionate ones again. Chester is left spewing bullshit to justify the sellout to the unions.

“Adoption of the Common Core Standards portends a number of benefits,” Chester wrote. “One benefit is the potential for providing clearer signals to K-12 students about their readiness for success at the next level, including readiness for college or career.”

Really? Can’t do any better than that?

“My conclusion is that the advantages of adopting the Common Core Standards outweigh the disadvantages,” Chester wrote. “First and foremost, because Massachusetts’s standards and assessments enjoy an outstanding reputation nationally, the input of our content experts was largely reflected in the Common Core Standards.”

So the reason to give up state control of education to a federal government that has no constitutional role in education is that they folks in Washington have used Massachusetts as a partial model?

“These standards will not dillute the expectation of our students,” he said. “If I was not confident about the benefits, I would not make this recommendation.”

Yup. The benefit is there are no benefits. Except weaker standards, and happier unions, all on the Hail Mary that they can muster the support to drag Governor Patrick over the finish line to re-election.

Massachusetts Teachers Association spent about $2.6 million for Deval Patrick’s 2006 campaign for governor.

On the backs of kids.

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