Pink Rage


In about 10 days, the new Arizona immigration law goes into effect. The Evil Ones are pink with rage.

In Phoenix, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, is ready. He will run a sweep of the city as soon as the law is operating and cart off more illegals to the tent city that already houses 2000 Mexicans. Arpaio holds them up to ridicule by requiring they live mostly outside under the Arizona sun, wearing pink underwear.

If you haven’t heard, the cruelty of this measure is beyond the ability of Democrats to comprehend, as compassionate as they are and all – it requires police in Arizona to check the immigration status of anyone they encounter who they have reason to believe may be illegal, but specifically prohibits racial profiling. I know – it’s pretty devastating!

It is now Barack Obama’s turn. He has so far resisted the tide of public opinion in America, which polls show is strongly (60 to 70 per cent) in favour of Arizona’s law. Let’s concede early, though, that the President’s stance is not taken without being mindful that America’s vast Hispanic constituency is crucial to the Democrats.

For Democrats, the fight over illegal immigration is about doing what’s wrong for America in order to buy the votes of that “vast Hispanic constituency.” This policy is based on allowing millions of illegals to flow into the country and face years of underclass exploitation while waiting for the weight to become so heavy that the nation buckles and makes them Democratic voters.

If the court challenge to Arizona’s law fails, then the stop-on-suspicion rule will surely extend across America and Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s mean tent city will grow larger.

Having a national pink underwear policy strikes me as far more compassionate than what Democrats are doling out. It might also provide a symbol of national opposition to illegal entry powerful enough to convince some not to come.

2 Responses to “Pink Rage”

  1. 1 Ilene

    BO should be wearing pink underwear as well!

  2. The OBAMA-Alinsky political strategy is out in the open. OBAMA is still playing politics with porous borders at the expense of “We the people.”


    Secure the borders of the United States as the present laws demand and cease the political games.

    More evidence that the citizens are still considered to be dumb as rocks.


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