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No one can claim the liberal media cabal is a theory anymore – the smoking gun has been found. A conspiracy of liberal writers to defraud the electorate by failing to cover bad news for Obama has been revealed. Most shocking is their method of deception. In one instance, Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent […]

The Plague


Polls indicate that President Obama is becoming, appropriately, so unpopular that many Democrats will tell him to stay away. Who wants to fight an ad like the one Robin Carnahan is facing in Missouri? The Senate campaign of Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) is featuring President Obama’s recent fundraising trip to Missouri in a new attack […]

Forced to resign from the USDA yesterday after a tape surfaced of her describing her own racist behavior as a government worker 20 years ago, Shirley Sherrod says she isn’t racist anymore. Shirley Sherrod, who resigned Monday as the department’s state director of rural development for Georgia, told CNN she had four calls telling her […]

Why don’t Republicans tell voters what Democrats are up to? The immigration scam, the deficit spending scam, the race card…. the Dems are malicious and treasonous in much of their behavior, yet they get away with passing themselves off as being compassionate and caring. “This is a sinister approach to politics that’s going to get […]

Party Bomb


There’s some controversy in the Tea Party movement, with bomb thrower Mark Williams, the spokesman for the national Tea Party Express, writing a stupid attempt at satire that failed miserably, leading to cries of racism. The National Tea Party Federation severed its ties with the organization over the weekend after it refused to cast out […]

Dwayne Wade of the Miami heat could learn from politicians, who know they have to stay strictly on message or risk being the unpopular star of a silly news cycle.

Royal Family


Why is Chris Matthews pusing Jeb Bush as the next Republican nominee? Isn’t that a far fetched scenario so soon after the departure of W? When you separate him from his presidential brother and father, Jeb Bush has all the makings of a winning presidential candidate. Especially in these difficult economic times. The trouble is, […]