Royal Family


Why is Chris Matthews pusing Jeb Bush as the next Republican nominee? Isn’t that a far fetched scenario so soon after the departure of W?

When you separate him from his presidential brother and father, Jeb Bush has all the makings of a winning presidential candidate. Especially in these difficult economic times.

The trouble is, of course, that Jeb can’t be severed from his brother and father. Can you say “Royal Family?”

But, he has one credential that could make him irresistible.

He has raised three children with his American Latina wife, Columbia Garnica Gallo, whom he met during a visit to León, Guanajuato, Mexico when he was just 17. His popularity among Hispanics and other minorities is one that could very well lift him to victory in 2012, and it would most certainly render mute the liberal allegations that the GOP is somehow anti-minority.

That makes Jeb very tempting – the idea that he could, single handedly, erase the benefit that Democrats derive from selling out the nation for the Hispanic vote.


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