Sorry Accusations


Shirley Sherrod got her call from the president, but still believes that her ouster was guided by the White House, and that Andrew Breitbart is a racist.

Asked to respond to Breitbart during an interview Thursday night with CNN’s John King, Sherrod… called Breitbart a liar and accused him of stoking racist elements.

Asked what Breitbart would need to do in order for Sherrod to forgive him, the former Department of Agriculture official said he “would really need to come and sit down with me and look me in the eye so that we could see if we can find a place.”

Sherrod says she thinks Breitbart wants to see a return to slavery and that he’s after Obama because of his race.

3 Responses to “Sorry Accusations”

  1. 1 Bob Pollock


    Something was mentioned during this news maxi-coverage of the Sherrod episode that really struck me. The information surfaced that there are thousands of lawsuits or claims of racial discrimination by black farmers/workers against the agency she works for, USDA.
    Recently, a news article reported that a billion(s) dollar settlement had been reached to pay some of these claims. I know the subject of “reparations” is something Obama would like to avoid publicly. I see a plan/conspiracy taking place in this matter with the lawsuits and I think it will involve other federal agencies where Obama appointees and administrators start paying these, possibly unfounded claims as a form of reparations. How could an agency properly and thoroughly investigate each of thousands of claims. I predict the next salvo will be federal employment claims being being filed, alleging racial discrimination in hiring and promotions. Think of all the federal agencies this could encompass.

    Dreadful thoughts.

  2. 2 Jim

    What’s the opposite of an epiphany?

  3. Alinsky misdirection…concentrate on the Tempest in the Teapot while OBAMA continues to advance his socialist agenda….

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