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Scott Brown did what he was supposed to do… he used his concession speech to launch his next campaign. It could be for governor in 2014, or for the other senate seat if John Kerry becomes secretary of state, but he was gracious and lovable – that’s the key to building goodwill for the next […]

Peggy Noonan thinks the president has the feel of someone who knows he’s losing – reminds her of H.W. I can remember in 1992 seeing President George HW Bush struggle with the idea that he was going to lose… Romney certainly looks peaceful… but he also seems joyous and happy and the president does not […]

It sounds like Dan Rather is predicting a Mitt Romney win. Something in my gut tells me this is going to be a good day for Romney.

When you hear it from a New York Times guy, it makes you take notice. Jeff Zeleny says what he feels from the swing states is an excitement not just for beating Barack Obama, but for electing Mitt Romney. There is a real sense of enthusiasm for the Romney campaign… I think the organic intensity, […]