Kearns Goodwin – The Progressive Era


Doris Kearns Goodwin talks about Obama like he’s an important figure in history.

2 Responses to “Kearns Goodwin – The Progressive Era”

  1. 1 Ilene

    NIce facelift Doris! Too bad they gave you too much anathesia.

  2. 2 Jeff Morris

    But he IS an important figure in history, Todd. And Im not being sarcastic. But he’s not important because of anything he’s done. His re-election signifies that more people think like him than think like you and me. It’s impossible to pinpoint EXACTLY when the tide turned toward the left because it’s happened so (reletively) slowly. But if we had to put a fulcrum somewhere, Nov. 6th, 2012 would work perfectly.

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