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The GOP does just fine when voters hear the party’s message. That’s the argument from Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal, who says that Romney didn’t get that message out. … the big success story for the GOP… is this ownership of a growing number of states in terms of the governorships…. the legislatures… […]

The Republican’s problem is not one of ideas says Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal. Even Medicare and Social Security issues didn’t hurt the GOP – Mitt Romney dominated among seniors in Florida, he says. But the Republicans should not stand back and say ‘How do we re-engineer our ideas, that was not their […]

Charles Krauthammer says now that there’s the David Petraeus sex scandal connected to Benghazi, the story will be embraced by the Mainstream Media. They were holding off I think to protect Obama before… but just given the nature of our journalism it will now become the hottest story around… it will unravel…