Kristol: Broadwell knows too much


Paula Broadwell seems to know things about the Benghazi attack that aren’t publicly known. Which leads Bill Kristol to question what we’re being told about the Petraeus affair.

I hate to say this, I don’t really like to think the whole US government is misleading us, but I really think so in this case…

In a New York Magazine article on the Broadwell remarks, they discuss the chance that Broadwell may simply be misstating something she heard in a Fox News report.

In the beginning of her response (34 minutes into the video) Broadwell references an exclusive Fox News report that had just come out. As the Daily Beast points out, during that report correspondent Jennifer Griffen says, “Those at the CIA annex took into custody three Libyan attackers and were forced to hand them over to the Libyan February 17th forces that came to help at the annex.” Griffen was saying that Libyan attackers were taken into custody for a short time hours after the fighting started, not that their capture sparked the attack. On Sunday the CIA said that Broadwell’s suggestion that prisoners were held in the annex was untrue.

2 Responses to “Kristol: Broadwell knows too much”

  1. 1 Ilene

    Well Bill you are on the right track on this one, but missed the boat on the tax thing.

  2. 2 Ilene

    Oh and Paula, dear, this ‘affair’ is not your first right?

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