Dyson: White men can’t decide


Are supreme court justices capable of making legal judgements about issues that don’t affect them personally? Not according to Eric Michael Dyson, who says white women needed to rebel to get their rights from white male justices.

…Now this court, men and women, will make a decision about the future of voting rights for African American and other minorities… We need white women to step up to the plate…

Dyson is concerned that the supreme court is considering pulling back on the Voting Rights Act of 1965, passed by white men.

That act required much of the South — states, cities and counties — to get advanced approval, or “pre-clearance,” from Washington before it can make any changes in election laws and voting rules.

However, a lot has changed in Dixie since that time. Today, blacks and whites in the South register to vote at about the same percentage of their respective populations. Moreover, a higher percentage of blacks vote in some of the states still under federal scrutiny than in northern states, and they elect more African-Americans to local offices.

One Response to “Dyson: White men can’t decide”

  1. 1 Ilene

    NOW there is a war on white MEN!

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