Romney: Oddly Laughable


In politics, stating the obvious creates a firestorm. Mitt Romney does it again as he explains the Democratic system of winning votes – using tax payer dollars to pay off their special interest voters.

Chuck Todd offers the NBC/MSNBC response.

4 Responses to “Romney: Oddly Laughable”

  1. 1 Ilene

    It is true and Americans are paying for the o phones with a tax on your phone bill. Check it out.

  2. 2 Ilene

    Bitter? The left is a bitter group of useful idiots.

  3. 3 Jeff Morris

    What Mitt said is undeniably true. But it was political suicide for him to have said it. But…why should he care? He’s done with politics forever and can say exactly what he things, feels, and wants without the threat of consequences. How cool is it that he can now say exactly what so many of us are saying, but have it get national publicity.

    I think we’ll be getting some real, common sense straight talk from him in the future. Maybe it will turn the tide back to common sense thinking…but I doubt it. Those who need to hear it live with iPod earbuds plugged in to drown out the noise.

  4. 4 Barbara Anderson

    I agree with Jeff. Was delighted to hear Mitt speak the truth, to his donors by the way so it was none of the media’s business, it’s not as if he had a news conference. I heard from friends who aren’t politically involved they were glad to hear the truth spoken for a change. All he was doing was quoting the deToqueville/Tytler warning, hardly unfamiliar.

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