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While Joe the Plumber has put a face on Barack’s big tax lie – he is about redistributing the wealth being acquired by the overpaid plumbers of America – ACORN has become the symbol of the radicalism that fills the pint size container of experience that purports to qualify Barack for the presidency. “Sen. Obama […]

McCain needs to go after Barack tonight, but it can’t be about Bill Ayers, per se. It should be about his radical past, in general. It should be about his connection to the financial crisis via ACORN. And it should be about Barack’s confession a couple of days ago, to a plumber concerned about his […]

The big question about Barack, should he become President, is whether he will remain committed to the radical causes, organizations and individuals who brought him to power, or if he’ll sell them out as readily as he has his stated principles. I’m reposting this video because it reflects on this important question, and it now […]

ACORN is in danger of having the flow of endless taxpayer dollars going into its bank accounts slowed as a result of becoming the poster child for the mortgage meltdown. So they’re fighting back. John McCain’s presidential campaign has been on the attack against the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now for its voter […]

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I’ve been pondering which way Barack goes if he gets power. Is he a committed leftist who will seek to realize John Lennon’s “Imagine” vision, or will he abandon his friends as soon as they’ve gone home from the inaugural galas? Imagine there’s no countriesIt isn’t hard to doNothing to kill or die forAnd no […]

This is so well written, and so accurate. Visit Lilac Rose for more. Fighting a Cold Civil War That phrase came to me a couple of weeks ago when I was thinking about the elections and all the anger going on…the whole blue vs. red thing. The phrase came up again this morning when I […]