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Say Anything


Like most politicians, Barack was willing to say anything to win the presidency. Dig any hole now, we can climb out of it later. A suicide car bomber struck a U.S. military convoy passing through a crowded market in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday, killing at least five civilians and a coalition soldier and wounding an […]

Is it by design, or just dumb luck, that Barack seems to have things going his way on the war in Iraq? Walter Russell Mead writes in the LA Times about a situation loaded with ironies. The net result, ironically, is that the antiwar candidate who predicted failure is benefiting most from the war’s success. […]

Did Barack kidnap the upper hand on Iraq from McCain this week? By shifting the focus to Afghanistan, and talking about escalating the war there while satisfying his base by talking about withdrawing from Iraq, Barack may have pulled off an incredible bait and switch, becoming the anti-war candidate who wants war! Obama officials also […]

He’d never been before, so it made sense for Barack to start his international campaign swing in Afghanistan. KABUL – US Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama arrived in Afghanistan Saturday at the start of a major international tour that will also include Iraq, his office and the Afghan foreign ministry said. Obama’s office said the […]