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The Debate


Both candidates are doing well tonight. The attempt to deliberately misrepresent each other has been generally kept to a minimum, and they’ve spent some time discussing issues. While neither would say they entirely give up any of their proposals because ofthe cost of the bailout, McCain said he would be willing to consider a spendingfreeze […]

Race Polls


I’m sick of seeing these analyses of the “race factor,” the latest entitled Poll: Racial Misgivings of Whites an Obama Issue. It’s not that I don’t think that racial bias is real, it’s the opposite. Human beings are designed to make grand judgments about others based on the most superficial characteristics – we have thousands […]

Barack is falling back into bigotry as a way to try to slow down McCain’s climb into dominance over this election. The script says: “when asked how many houses he owns, he lost track, he couldn’t remember.” There goes Obama – again suggesting that somehow that, since he’s lived a couple of decades more than […]