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Ayers Airs


Is the Obama campaign misrepresenting his strong ties to Bill Ayers? Of course. CNN, of all places, has actually done some reporting on this that adds some value. This piece makes a couple of very important points. First, that Barack’s political career was created by Bill Ayers, who, despite his utter lack of qualifications, made […]

Was Barack telling the truth when he created the impression that former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was a casual acquaintance, nothing more? “This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who’s a professor of English in Chicago who I know…” If there’s nothing wrong with their relationship, why not tell the truth? Rick Moran […]

One of the intriguing subplots of the fall campaign, to be explored when the 527’s start exposing Barack’s dirty secrets, will be his connection to former terrorist Bill Ayers. But the pursuit of the truth won’t be easy. Stanley Kurtz suspects that the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is playing down his ties to the […]