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Barack Obama lied about his plan for ending the war in Iraq. He did this in order to outflank Hillary Clinton and deprive her of the Democratic nomination. He did this with the full knowledge that his proposal was unrealistic and irresponsible, and that he would move to a no-plan position on Iraq once he […]

I’m having fun on YouTube today. For Democrats who have blinders on regarding the enormous deception committed by Barack on primary voters, watch his before and after responses on his Iraq withdrawal position. In the first clip, he is asked if he will affirm what his campaign manager says his Iraq strategy is – unequivacle […]

Paris Slighted


Indignation is rippling through the Hilton family over the McCain campaign’s attack on Paris Hilton. It seems they see her reputation as having been diminished by the comparison to Barack. According to reports, the McCain campaign office received a furious phone call from William Barron Hilton (co-chairman of the Hilton Hotel empire), who took issue […]