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Did you happen to notice that, during Hillary’s speech last night, whenever the shot would cut to Bill Clinton, he was mouthing the words, “I Love You.” If, by any chance, you are privy to who he was addressing those comments to, please send me a note at Thanks. Advertisements



Hillary is proud of many things at the start of her speech. She’s a proud Democrat, a proud mother, etc. But guess who she leaves out?

Hillary Video


Here’s the video shown last night to introduce Hillary. A proper video, unlike the Obama piece the night before, filled with inspiration, history and purpose. It places Hillary at the head of the movement for equality for women, taking her ambition and wrapping it in the attractive paper of serving others. On a smaller level, […]

The Other Split


We’re all well aware of the Hillary / Obama split in the Democratic Party. But there’s another split, perhaps bigger, and perhaps hidden behind the television appeal of the tension between the victor and the vanquished. Walk into almost any hotel here this week and you can find an odd sight: Liberal Democrats starting their […]