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Is Barack Obama a radical? All we can say for certain is that 1) he partnered with a slew of them to get himself into positions of power in Chicago and, 2) he gave them tons of money when he had the chance. It’s possible that this doesn’t reflect his heart, but rather, a cool […]

One of the most disturbing aspects of the criticism that Governor Palin faces is the bigotry of the educational elites. Here is a letter to the editor to the Boston Globe that is striking for the failure of its author to be so condescending without being the least bit self-conscious. I WILL not be voting […]

I just wanted to point out a shift in perception of the candidates that has taken place since Barack returned from his overseas trip 10 days ago. When he left, 24% of voters were concerned that McCain might be too old, and 41% were worried that Barack might lack the experience to be president. A […]