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Closer Still


Can McCain keep things moving in his direction? We expect the race to grow more tense each day on its own – but the McCain campaign has finally found a theme – Barack’s radical philosophy is scarier than the bad economy. Today’s numbers – Zogby moves one point closer, Gallup shifts 3% toward McCain. Rasmussen […]

Zogby – 5%


On Thursday, the Zogby poll showed Barack up 12 points. It was down to 10%, then 9%, for the next couple of days. Today’s number? A 5 point race. “I have alluded before to this strange, magnetic pull that brings Obama down to 48% or 49%, a danger zone for him. McCain’s gains are among […]

4:56 – Barack ends press conference. Says he still wants debate to take place, but I sense that he knows it’s not going to happen. CNN – Dems instantly on attack. Schumer – the last thing we need in these delicate negotiations is the injection of presidential politics.” Schumer thinks McCain was weird, and he […]

Bold Move


Seeking to regain control over the campaign narrative, John McCain moved boldly today to turn his campaign focus entirely on the crisis on Wall Street, announcing he will suspend his campaign tomorrow morning, and suggesting that he will not take part in the debate Friday night. His campaign is reportedly moving this afternoon to take […]

With good reason, the mumblings have begun in Democratic circles – What’s wrong with Barack? But a number of Democrats, including advisers to the Obama campaign, are worried that the Democratic party’s overall electoral advantage this year has not yet translated into comfortable leads for Mr Obama. The race is now tied. But the signs […]

Andrea Mitchell and McCain campaign honcho Rick Davis had quite a spat on MSNBC yesterday! It is an awkward thing to interview someone over the phone when you’re on TV, especially when your attempts to interrupt them go unnoticed, but she was particularly bad here – throwing out dumb questions then having no reaction to […]

John McCain is running an ad that goes after Barack for not visiting injured American troops in Germany. During his trip to Germany, Obama was scheduled to visit the American hospitals at Ramstein and Landstuhl, but cancelled the trips after being told by Pentagon officials that he could only visit in his official capacity as […]