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Glib Guidance


The biggest failure in network news has some advice for one of America’s biggest political stars. Couric thinks Sarah Palin has a thing or two to learn about politics before she contemplates a White House run in 2012. “I think she should keep her head down, work really hard and learn about governing. Katie is […]

Piling On


Scott Conroy of CBS News writes a blog entry entitled “Palin Stretches Facts In Effort To Paint Obama As Presumptuous.” She’s a politician – isn’t she required to stretch the truth? Following a fiery introduction by “The View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who accused the media of being “deliberately sexist” in its coverage of Sarah Palin, […]

Rasmussen says that Barack is leading by 5 points, Zogby says he’s up by 6%, and Gallup says the same. So why does the new New York Times poll put Obama up by 14, while the LA Times has him up 9%? Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is entering the third and final presidential debate […]

CBS News Poll


The CBS News Poll showed Barack up 8% a few days ago. It’s a lousy poll – taken of adults, most of whom happen to be registered. The best polls survey voters who have to qualify as being likely to vote based on their voting history. Nevertheless, bad polls can offer insights when repeated over […]