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Obama Fatigue


Will Barack’s takeover of the airwaves lead to Barack fatigue? McCain tries to shape reaction with a return to the Celebrity theme that worked so well during the summer. Advertisements

The McCain campaign has done a wonderful job of turning celebrity support into a negative for Barack. Each endorsement, or criticism, from a Hollywood type, feeds the storyline of Barack as an empty suit – he’s famous, but is he ready to lead? Madonna now falls into the trap set by the McCain campaign. McCain […]

It’s a rare event when the polls agree, but the Saturday editions of the Gallup and Rasmussen daily tracking polls both show a statistical dead heat – with Obama up 1%. One swing state that we’re told will swing Democratic this year is Colorado, where the Democratic Convention commences in a matter of days. But […]

Economy Ad


A well-done new ad for Barack. Not responding to McCain’s celebrity theme directly, but sidestepping it and looking serious on the economy. Smart. ABC’s Jake Tapper nitpicks the ad: There’s some pretty iffy stuff in there — Obama has voted to send tens ofbillions to Iraq, too, though quite obviously he has also voted against […]

Fan Club


The McCain campaign isn’t calming any on the “Celebrity” theme. The latest web ad is called “Fan Club.”

“For decades, he’s been Washington’s biggest celebrity. John McCain,” the new Obama ad says as McCain hugs Bush. “And as Washington embraced him, John McCain hugged right back.” Barack’s new attack ad answers McCain’s celebrity theme by calling McCain a Washington celebrity, and linking that celebrity to business as usual. Effective?

Celebrity Redux


The McCain Campaign has a new spot, again asking if a guy who is nothing but a celebrity is the right guy to make president.