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Cell Only


One of Barack’s distinct advantages. Another closely-watched group this year, particularly for the poll-obsessed, are those voters who have abandoned traditional phone service for mobile phones. Obama leads by better than 2 to 1 among these voters. Another reason that Barack is a transformational candidate appealing to Colin Powell.

The Cure


One of the issues motivating Colin Powell to appear on Meet the Press this week, and perhaps to endorse Barack, is the ugliness poor Obama has faced on the campaign trail. A friend and ex-aide said that Gen Powell was extremely “upset” by the “vitriol, bile and prejudice” aimed at Mr Obama on the campaign […]

Will Colin Powell endorse Barack? Speak, perhaps, at the convention? Fox News commentator Bill Kristol says that’s what he hears from inside the Obama campaign. “He may well give a speech at the Democratic convention explaining hisendorsement of Obama,” Kristol, a FOX News contributor, said, citing insidesources. Powell says it’s not true. “I do not […]