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Fenced In


During the heat of the debate on illegal immigration in 2006 and 2007, conservatives asked what was wrong with John McCain, George Bush and other Republicans who were so obviously doing the wrong thing for America by supporting amnesty proposals. The answer will become obvious if McCain loses on Tuesday. I’d be surprised if John […]

A traffic stop in Colorado yesterday yielded what authorities say may have been a plot to assassinate Barack Obama. But their not sure. “It could also turn out that these were nothing but a bunch of knuckleheads, meth heads,” a U.S. government official said. But they’re not saying why they’re thinking that it might be […]

Tax Man


McCain’s new ad, called Tax Man, focuses on Barack’s economic plan. Notice how they use the crowd again, and the chants of Obama, to turn Barack’s excitement quotient into a negative by linking it to the superficial, celebrity aspect of Barack’s support. The spot opens with a criticism of Obama that has become a refrain […]

The more folks get to know Barack, the less they like him. Nate Silver notes that “three new polls released today show significant movementtoward John McCain.” The assumptions of the Obama campaign, that they can win by focusing in on John Kerry’s electoral college results and swinging a few states his way by being a […]

Media Backfire


Barack’s speech certainly made him center stage yesterday – and there’s no question that shots of him meeting comfortably with world leaders may allay the fears somewhat of the majority of Americans who question his readiness for the presidency – but media attempts to compensate for its excitement over Barack with balanced reporting may ruin […]