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Beast of Burden


What amazing trouble Barack has stepped into. For all the fury over Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s $700 billion emergency economic relief fund, it seems downright puny when compared to the running total of the government’s response to the credit crisis. Has his remarkable good luck run out, or is this just the opportunity he wants. […]

Who is responsible for the financial crisis? Barney Frank says it’s the private sector. ‘THE PRIVATE SECTOR got us into this mess. The government has to get us out of it.” Jeff Jacoby, the Boston Globe’s conservative columnist, picks apart Frank’s position. That’s Barney Frank’s story, and he’s sticking to it. As the Massachusetts Democrat […]

Near or Not?


Ready to go into a 4pm White House meeting, it’s unclear whether congress has hammered out acceptable terms for an agreement. Key Republicans and Democrats reported agreement Thursday on an outline for a historic $700 billion bailout of the financial industry, but there was still resistance from rank-and-file House Republicans despite warnings of an impending […]

Thanks, Bill


Bill Clinton comes through for McCain. Former President Bill Clinton defended Sen. John McCain’s request to delay the first presidential debate, saying McCain did it in “good faith” and pushed organizers to reserve time for economy talk during the debate if the Friday plans move forward. It’s good of Bill to choose now to be […]

Stock Monsters


So here’s the deal. This afternoon, shortly before 3pm et, McCain announces that he’s suspending his campaign to return to Washington and attend to the bailout measure, which is being revised after polls indicate Americans aren’t much interested in saving the tycoons on Wall Street. Like crazed kids with credit cards, the Stock Monsters went […]