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Fair Enough?


Does it matter? John McCain returned to “Late Show With David Letterman” Thursday night, appologizing for canceling an appearance three weeks ago, but should the onetime media favorite have been preparing for an ambush? A study shows the Kings of Late Night are not equal-opportunity destroyers this year when it comes to telling jokes about […]

Debate Coverage


Todd is hosting debate coverage tonight on WRKO in Boston. You can listen online at

McCain needs to go after Barack tonight, but it can’t be about Bill Ayers, per se. It should be about his radical past, in general. It should be about his connection to the financial crisis via ACORN. And it should be about Barack’s confession a couple of days ago, to a plumber concerned about his […]

Grab It


The economy needs to be grabbed as an issue by one of the candidates – and it should be John McCain. The void in leadership that it highlights presents an incredible opportunity to play president. It is Obama, though, who is seizing the moment. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama plans to give a speech on […]

Too Late


Is McCain losing this race, or is he getting beat by monumental events, the political equivalent of acts of God? McCain’s definitely had his shortcomings despite the financial meltdown. Yesterday on This Week, George Will quoted General MacArthur to offer an explanation of McCain’s failures up to this point. “The history of the failure of […]



As much as liberals hate religion, they have no qualms about creating their own religion – or using the religion of others to manipulate.



Despite the 8 and 9 point edge that Rasmussen and Gallup give to Obama, Zogby is getting different results. The race for President of the United States remains far too close to call between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain as both candidates head toward the finish line, a recent Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby daily tracking telephone […]