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Now that liberals are in power, it’s important to remind ourselves just how dangerous they can be. For example, the Boston Globe has a delightfully humorous editorial today on fixing the “election mess -” funny but for its utter maliciousness. BARACK OBAMA’S superior get-out-the-vote operation spared the country from another squeaker presidential election, with the […]

I suspect this led to a reduced turnout for Democratic voters considering how they’re registering anyone who can breath – or could at one time, anyway. Boston morning hosts Gerry Callahan and John Dennis told listeners to their WEEI show today the election was postponed and that Democrats should show up to vote tomorrow to […]

The Age Card


Suggesting that McCain is too old to be president, a new TV advertisement tries to scare voters away from him because of his bouts with Melanoma. ‘‘John McCain is 72 years old and had cancer 4 times,’’ the ad’s text says over a black-and-white image of McCain with the left side of his face bandaged […]



Do you remember 15 years ago the Dateline NBC scandal, when the TV news program put an ignition device on a pickup truck in order to make it explode for a feature on faulty truck design? NBC had acknowledged that in the demonstration it used “sparking devices,” ortiny rockets, strapped to the bottom of one […]

Poll Update


All polls from the last couple of days show McCain leading a bit, but the numbers are small enough so you should think about this as a tied race. Rasmussen Tracking 09/09 – 09/11 3000 LV 48 45 McCain +3 Gallup Tracking 09/08 – 09/10 2718 RV 48 44 McCain +4 Hotline/FD Tracking 09/08 – […]

It is fascinating to see just how wrong the Democrats were on the war in Iraq – even just months ago! Here’s another debate flashback, one that makes it clear just how much they were responding to polls, rather than principles, in making their points.



Isn’t it funny how Democrats, the great fighters for women’s rights, are questioning whether it’s appropriate for Sarah Palin to be working when she has five kids? Many liberals are belittling the choice, suggesting that as a mother of five children — including an infant with Down syndrome — she has neither the time nor […]