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$3 Million


A group of ethical Democrats campaigns against Barack.

Grab It


The economy needs to be grabbed as an issue by one of the candidates – and it should be John McCain. The void in leadership that it highlights presents an incredible opportunity to play president. It is Obama, though, who is seizing the moment. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama plans to give a speech on […]

Near or Not?


Ready to go into a 4pm White House meeting, it’s unclear whether congress has hammered out acceptable terms for an agreement. Key Republicans and Democrats reported agreement Thursday on an outline for a historic $700 billion bailout of the financial industry, but there was still resistance from rank-and-file House Republicans despite warnings of an impending […]

Thanks, Bill


Bill Clinton comes through for McCain. Former President Bill Clinton defended Sen. John McCain’s request to delay the first presidential debate, saying McCain did it in “good faith” and pushed organizers to reserve time for economy talk during the debate if the Friday plans move forward. It’s good of Bill to choose now to be […]

Obama Follows


The first phase of McCain’s new emergency strategy appears to be working. Injecting a jolt of new drama into the U.S. presidential race, Republican John McCain on Wednesday said he was temporarily suspending his campaign in a bid to help break a deadlock on Capitol Hill over the White House’s proposed $700-billion bailout of Wall […]

Which Way


In a pivotal electoral moment, the candidates are jostling to gain advantage from the world financial crisis. The emergency may become the ‘September Surprise’ that completely changed the course of the 2008 race. Supporters of Mr Obama hope it will spur Americans to blame incumbent Republicans for the mess and turn their backs on John […]

Why did Barack Obama, who’s been a senator for about 20 minutes, receive as much money as any politician but Chris Dodd from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Why did these pseudo public agencies give money to politicians at all? Here’s the list of the top recipients of political donations from Fannie Mae and Freddie […]