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Who was right when it came to predicting the outcome of the presidential race? I was. The List: Which presidential polls were most accurate? The Pew Research Center and Rasmussen Reports were the most accurate in predicting the results of the 2008 election, according to a new analysis by Fordham University political scientist Costas Panagopoulos. […]

Exit Polls IV


Some exit poll numbers for Virginia and Indiana. VA Change Voters – 92% ObamaExperience Voters – 93% McCainEvangelicals – 78% McCainSuburbs – 54% Barack INIndependents – 58% ObamaNew Voters – 68% BarackWhites no college – 50% McCainWhite Evangelicals – 66% McCain With key states in the east, we should know fairly early how things are […]

Exit Polls III


50% say Barack has the experience to be president. 42% say they are worse off than 4 years ago. 68% support offshore drilling 49% expect higher taxes either way. 61% say Michelle will be goof first lady 32% of voters say they will be scared if Barack wins. 30% with McCain. 51% say government should […]

Exit Polls II


From Gawker: See, we told you not to get too excited. The first state exit polls have crossed our transom and they look like Obama’s margins are tighter than recent polling in key states Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. So hold your breath.

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For what it’s worth, exit polls were embargoed until 5pm, which means they are embargoed no longer. Will keep you up to date as they become available. From AP: The economy is by far the top issue on voters’ minds as Election Day at last arrives. An Associated Press exit poll finds six in 10 […]