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Todd is hosting debate coverage tonight on WRKO in Boston. You can listen online at Advertisements

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Todd anchors debate coverage from 7pm to midnite on WRKO in Boston tonight.



Todd is anchoring debate coverage this evening on WRKO Boston until midnite. Listen in at



Please read the op-ed piece that I co-wrote with John Arquilla of the Naval Post-graduate College on the war in Iraq. It appears in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.The Best Thing That Could Happen in IraqJohn Arquilla – Todd Feinburg The “October Surprise” is a time-honored tradition in election-yearpolitics. This time around, bombing Iran would be […]

It wasn’t long ago that comedians were complaining about the difficulty of finding an angle for mocking Barack Obama. No longer. Last month Jon Stewart, host of the satirical news programme The Daily Show, had to tell his audience that they were allowed to laugh at Mr Obama after a joke fell flat. But Mr […]

The Gallup poll, a bit more volatile since it polls registered voters rather than testing for those who are likely to vote, took a big jump two days ago in response to Barack’s big media week. But now it joins Rasmussen in sinking. Barack Obama’s lead over John McCain, having reached a nine percentage point […]