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Surprise, surprise, surprise! John McCain supporters who believe they haven’t gotten a fair shake from the media during the Republican’s candidacy against Barack Obama have a new study to point to. Comments made by sources, voters, reporters and anchors that aired on ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts over the past two months reflected positively […]

Bill Ayers is not about the sixties, he’s about right now. Why has he played a role in the political career of Barack Obama considering his past as the co-founder of a domestic terrorist group? Simple question, which Barack tries to dodge in his new ad. This ad is a response to a pro-McCain ad […]

John Kerry for Vice President? A top aide to U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) during her presidential run this year said Tuesday night that U.S. Sen. John Kerry has been vetted to be presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s running mate. Now there’s an idea for how Barack can shake the “elitist” rap. Howard Wolfson, who […]