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Bake Sale


The Money Machine never rests. The election is hardly finished, and the fundraising has begun anew.The Obama campaign, which raised more than $600 million for the election of the junior senator from Illinois as the next president of the United States, is selling celebratory T-shirts. Thirty bucks. Obama T-shirts.jpg The proceeds are going to the […]



Barack is a systems guy. He learns how they work, then he exploits them to his advantage. In order to build support in Chicago, he got a job from Bill Ayers dolling out money to politically active non-profits like ACORN. Base built. When he wanted to get elected to the state senate, he brought in […]

The GOP will have all the money needed to run an effective campaign against Barack Obama. John McCain‘s campaign expects to leave the Republican National Convention with $200 million in the bank and be able to match the Democrats’ spending in the next two months, an aide said. The concern over money was always a […]