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Almost everyone I’ve spoken with who isn’t rooting for Barack is thrilled with the VP choice of Sarah Palin. Now the polls are proving the brilliance of the move. First, the new Zogby poll, begun on Friday after Palin was named and finished this morning, shows McCain leading by 2%. McCain/Palin at 47%, compared to […]

Hitting a Girl


After having messed up on its initial response to the choice of Sarah Palin, Barack’s folks are treading more lightly now, still off-balance from the surprise. Their first ad responding to her selection doesn’t mention her – it just laments that he’s still the same old John McCain.

Game Changer?


There are only two explanations. Either the campaign has fallen apart, or it has orchestrated what it thinks will be a dramatic enough choice for vice president that it will create an explosion of media excitement – a buzz that will compensate having wasted a week of coverage before announcing Barack’s vice presidential pick. Sen. […]