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Fury in Frisco


Supporters of gay marriage remain shocked over the gay marriage vote on Tuesday. How does a state vote for the Democrats so reliably and then pass Proposition 8? Thousands of demonstrators marched down Market Street in San Francisco on Friday night to protest the passage earlier this week of Proposition 8, which effectively bans same-sex […]

Minorities, who are vital to the ability of Democrats being able to win elections, aren’t necessarily on board with all of the liberal agenda. Take a look at Proposition 8, the gay marriage ban passed by California voters on Tuesday as they were, again, voting overwhelmingly for a Democrat in the presidential race. Exit poll […]

Figure 8


On a night when liberals posted big victories, and in which California went for Obama 61% to 37%, Question 8 appears to be a winner in a close race in California. The measure would re-ban gay marriage. A measure to once again ban gay marriage in California led Tuesday, throwing into doubt the unions of […]