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Nothing to Fear


Conservatives are scared to death by the potential that Barack’s radical past will travel with him to the White House. I can’t help thinking that that’s exactly what Republicans need. The American Civil Liberties Union launched a new campaign today calling on President-elect Barack Obama to close the Guantanamo Bay prison and end the military […]

What now?


This election was a shock, and a wake-up call, to a Republican Party that is in desperate need of… dare I say it? Change. Yesterday, Rush was celebrating the loss as signaling a forced return to conservative values, and I think he’s right. Freedom’s just another word for ‘nothin’ left to lose,’ and that’s about […]

The Alternative


While Democrats are trying to make it look like John McCain somehow killed the administration’s Wall Street bailout proposal, it is House Republicans who are unhappy with the proposal. A group of conservative Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives offered a mortgage insurance plan on Thursday as an alternative to the Bush administration Wall […]

The question has been asked many times – “Why isn’t Barack doing better against John McCain.” I prefer to ask, “Why is Barack doing so well against John McCain.” After all, Barack is unelectable. The answer, of course, is that being a Republican candidate today is a bit like being a car salesmen. For General […]



Do you remember 15 years ago the Dateline NBC scandal, when the TV news program put an ignition device on a pickup truck in order to make it explode for a feature on faulty truck design? NBC had acknowledged that in the demonstration it used “sparking devices,” ortiny rockets, strapped to the bottom of one […]

Poll Update


All polls from the last couple of days show McCain leading a bit, but the numbers are small enough so you should think about this as a tied race. Rasmussen Tracking 09/09 – 09/11 3000 LV 48 45 McCain +3 Gallup Tracking 09/08 – 09/10 2718 RV 48 44 McCain +4 Hotline/FD Tracking 09/08 – […]