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Last Friday, after the McCain vice presidential pick was revealed, I’m told that Rush opened his show by asking, “Does anybody remember Barack Obama?” or, “When is Barack going to give his speech,” or some such humor. Sarah Palin has had that kind of impact on this race – today, she’s front page news again, […]



Footage of Sarah Palin during her sportscasting days.

John McCain’s convention being blown out by a hurricane could be a disaster for his candidacy. Prediction: I think the storm coinciding with the Republican Convention will ultimately lead to an advantage for John McCain. Warning to Michael Moore (and other McCain haters): Be careful what you wish for. “I was just thinking, this Gustav […]

Finally, analysis of the Palin selection that shows some insight.



Timing is everything. That’s the old saying, and it appears to be true in the campaign of John McCain, whose convention, and campaign, stands ready to be robbed of its week in the spotlight by Hurricane Gustav. Preparations continue along the Gulf Coast where Gustav will pose a serious threat to lives and property early […]



McCain has done a nice job of playing the VP card in such a manner as to steal some news cycle from Barack’s big speech. On my local news, the lead story was Barack, followed by McCain’s pick being announced today, followed by the weather. Speaking of the weather, there is a hurricane coming that […]