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Chump Change


Nearly half of American wage earners pay no federal income taxes. Barack proposes that in order to make that system more fair, those who aren’t paying any taxes should get a rebate paid to them from the taxes from the 5% who pay 50% of the nation’s income tax burden. Do people really believe this? […]

Are higher taxes polling well now – perhaps Americans are convinced by Barack that federal taxes are something that only happens to other people? If not, why is Barney talking about how out of control spending followed by higher taxes is something he favors?

Tax Notice


John McCain, having lost control of the presidential race this week over the storyline switch to Wall Street’s woes, is going back to the old standby. Taxes. In a television ad that began airing Thursday, the McCain presidentialcampaign warned that Americans can expect “painful income taxes” if BarackObama, the Democratic presidential nominee, wins the White […]

Tax Man


McCain’s new ad, called Tax Man, focuses on Barack’s economic plan. Notice how they use the crowd again, and the chants of Obama, to turn Barack’s excitement quotient into a negative by linking it to the superficial, celebrity aspect of Barack’s support. The spot opens with a criticism of Obama that has become a refrain […]