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More silliness about Hillary: Imagine someone so inexperienced as Secretary of State?



Can this be for real, or is it just the usual gameplaying – make women feel good about Barack by pretending to be respecting Hillary? George Stephanopoulos reported Clinton’s name being in the mix last week on Good Morning America, but the buzz grew louder today after Clinton was spotted boarding a flight to Chicago. […]

Hillary says…


Joe Biden was great. Sarah Palin was composed and effective – very good.

Broken Home


Why is Barack struggling still to get the support of Democrats? Barack Obama’s support from backers of Hillary Rodham Clinton is stuck smack where it was in June, a poll showed Tuesday, a stunning lack of progress that is weakening him with members of the Democratic Party in the close presidential race. This should have […]

Bill O’Reilly did a segment with Stanley Kurtz last night, tracing the relationship between Barack and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. With the evidence that Kurtz provides, we now have to assume the obvious – that Barack’s relationship with the Ayers family was a critical part of his strategy to develop a political base by tapping […]

How funny. Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, will endorse John McCain for president on Wednesday, her spokesman tells CNN. Getty Images The Rothschilds didn’t get rich, apparently, by being dumb. She also said she still has serious reservations about Mr. Obama’s principles […]

It seems that Saturday Night Live bit, with Hillary and Sarah appearing together, was prescient. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will join the Republican vice presidential candidate at a rally outside the United Nations Monday morning to protest the appearance of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It could be that the city girl and the hillbilly working […]

Fey Performance


It appears that Tina Fey will be a major beneficiary of Palin Fever. Sorry – NBC had Youtube pull down the actual performance.

After Barack loses this election, and Democrats will be forced to look back on having two shoe-ins fail in the same year, the blame will be placed on judgment. What was wrong with Obama that he wasn’t willing to take the sure fire path to victory by choosing Hillary? Then, after deciding against her, what […]



It’s never too early for nostalgia, and since this campaign’s been going on for a couple of years, there’s much that we’ve forgotten about already. Many thanks to our friends at the real barack obama for offering up this flashback of Hillary and Barack doing battle in January. As you watch, smile over the thought […]

Red Meat


He starts off thanking Hillary. Wow. Bill next. Then Teddy. Joe Biden. Then the love of his life, Michelle. And his daughters. But Hillary came first. The Theme of his introductory video was that we make a promise to our kids that they can do anything if they put their mind to it. It is […]

It’s 3AM


Yup – 3AM and I’m watching DVR’d coverage from the 10pm hour Wednesday night on ABC. Stephanopoulos is going on and on how Bill Clinton gave so much to Barack in his speech. Maybe I’m over-analyzing, but it seemed to me that there was a great deal of parsing. Watching it live last night, my […]

It’s over. Time to let go of the fantasies of Democrats suddenly reversing themselves and nominating Hillary. Hillary has just moved to suspend the rules of the convention, and to nominate by acclamation, Barack Obama. With Nancy Pelosi at the podium, and the crowd chanting, “Hill-a-ry, Hill-a-ry,” she took a voice vote and the convention […]

Did you happen to notice that, during Hillary’s speech last night, whenever the shot would cut to Bill Clinton, he was mouthing the words, “I Love You.” If, by any chance, you are privy to who he was addressing those comments to, please send me a note at Thanks.



Hillary is proud of many things at the start of her speech. She’s a proud Democrat, a proud mother, etc. But guess who she leaves out?

Hillary played it beautifully last night – she did everything she could for Barack. As a result, Barack suffers. This was the delightful situation in which she found herself. …last night she hit all the right notes, delivering a speech remarkably free of any sense of defeat, self-pity or what-might-have-beens. She thanked the 18 million […]