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Gets Worse


The GOP loses another senate seat as Gordon Smith falls in Oregon. What happened? In the end, the Democrats succeeded primarily because of two factors. First was the willingness of a little-known rookie speaker of the Oregon House, Jeff Merkley, to ignore the advice of friends who thought he should stay in his job and […]

Hope One


Barack’s biggest supporter – and perhaps the one most instrumental in getting him elected – celebrates his victory on the show yesterday.

The hope for an end to financial struggle – mortgage payments, college tuitions, transportation – is a universal one. The belief that relieving some of that burden from those with the least is the job of government – not by improving one’s potentials but by gifting – is a driving force of liberalism. This is […]

No We Can’t


I don’t see why it matters much even if VP debate moderator Gwen Ifill’s book is a celebration of the wonder of Barack. She’s from PBS, so we weren’t expecting her to be other than highly supportive of the Democratic ticket. The McCain camp is claiming it didn’t know about Gwen Ifill’s book prior to […]

Hitting Back


Boy, this new McCain campaign sure is a pleasure. Such tenacity in not letting Barack get away with the standard lines. In his continued celebration of the old kinda politics, it was reported yesterday that Barack was going after Sarah Palin for misrepresenting herself on earmarks. Sarah’s not going to stand for it. Gov. Palin […]

People have been wondering for some time, if elected President, how Barack Obama would go about uniting the country. Now we know. By criminalizing Republicans. “We will not be stopped from pursuing any criminal offense that’s occurred,” Biden said Monday at a Florida campaign stop. “If there has been a basis upon which you can […]

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